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Some people say that smells stir past memories. In 43 years, I have never known this to be true. I always thought the saying was a fluke, a placebo effect of sorts until a few mornings ago.

When I arrived at work, I noticed that Ms. Vanessa had brought in a batch of assorted soaps. Intrigued by the bin sitting on the table, I began to dig through to see what caught my eye. One of them I noticed smelled like bubble gum. "Big League Chew", which I found to be very neat since I had not chewed any in 26 years, but the one that really gave me pause was Tobacco & Bay. When I caught the scent, I was immediately taken back to a place I used to frequent every payday many years ago when I was a smoker. That place was Cabin Town in Windsor, VA. Now Cabin Town is half tobacco shop, which is where the smell came in, but the other half is a gift shop of sorts.

Something very specific came to mind though when I smelled the soap. A 50's jukebox that would always be playing that had a $20,000 price tag on it and a sign that read "Do Not Touch." Heh, we always knew it wasn't really for sale. I think it kept the tourist from constantly asking, "How much for that jukebox?" To have had this "little slice of home" from the smell of this soap was refreshing and different, for me anyway. Even if only for a moment, it felt like unpackaging a preserved memory. Well, that's my Moonlight soap story. Thank you for reading.

Eric C. - Ozark, MO

The soaps and scrubs smell amazing and the gift boxes are beautifully arranged and so creative! Great job, and I wish you all nothing but success! I’ll be giving these as gifts for family and friends (and myself)! 😍💗

Athena B. - Springfield, MO

"I highly recommend H2 Soaps. High-quality products at a fair price - what more could you want? I also recommend you watch their video. I always wondered how they created those great bar soap designs, but now I know!"

Greg B. - Springfield, MO

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